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UKM-YSD Chair for Climate Change

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

RM 5 million

Endowment Fund

The UKM-YSD Chair for Climate Change was recently established to continue current efforts to address climate change, the world’s most important environmental problem facing humanity.

The programme is managed by UKM’s Research Centre for Tropical Climate Change System (IKLIM) in consultation with YSD. The chair is intended to provide a platform and leadership for coordinated efforts and resources in climate research and related issues, particularly for the South East Asia region. It allows IKLIM to spearhead research aimed at assessing the impact of climate change in Malaysia and deepening understanding of the scientific aspects of climate change with a view to identifying mitigation measures and adaptation strategies.

Through its funding of RM5 million for the activities of the academic chair, YSD is enabling UKM to take on a leading role in climate research focusing on: the effects of climate change on water resources, the terrestrial ecosystem and health of people, marine eco-systems and sectors such as fisheries, as well as agro-ecosystems in Malaysia and South East Asia.

The chair will also address immediate and specific benefits to Sime Darby’s business interests. The research activities under the programme are expected to yield reliable and up-to-date climate information, including seasonal climate forecasts, all of which will be important and useful for the planning and management of Sime Darby Plantation operations.

The programme will also be a major factor in raising awareness of climate change issues among the Malaysian general public and in helping with the design and implementation of policies and strategies for sustainable development. It will create a wide range of opportunities for collaborative research to support the collection and consolidation of information designed to meet needs of decision-makers in climate-sensitive sectors and for capacity-building, promote research excellence and human resource development within Malaysia as well as establishing linkages with international experts while putting Malaysia on the map as a leader in climate change research.


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