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The 7th JB Arts Festival 2010

In line with the Arts and Culture pillar, YSD sponsored the 7th JB Art Festival  2010, which was held at Bukit Timbalan, Johor Bahru from 29th June to 24th July 2010. This yearly event was aimed at encouraging the local community to appreciate the arts, ultimately promoting a balanced development for the Johor state.

Organised by the Johor Society of the Performing Arts, the festival was themed “Live the Arts!” or “Budayakan Seni!”. A variety of unique performances were lined up to attract the audiences from all walks of life such as the Australian Boys Choir with the Hwa Chong String Ochestra, Bumi Berlantai Permata Musical Drama, Singapore's premier classical string quartet T’ang Quartet, and AkashA - a unique fusion  of 4 cultures (Malay,Indian,Chinese and Western).
The organiser also managed to bring in a Japanese bamboo flute player, UENO Koshuzan, a Shakuhachi Master, performance from contemporary  nasyid group – WILDAN, 2V1G group – 2 voices 1 Guitar, the Douglas and Jenhan show, the Journey of Jazzmamma, and the play of famous Chinese Peking Opera entitled “Farewell My Concubine”.

Informative workshops were also organised to instill art awareness among the society. Workshops such as ballon sculpturing workshop, classical music workshop by T’ang Quartet, fusion workshop by AkashA, Aseana Percussion Unit Workshop and Wushu Workshop by Lee Wushu Arts were among the many organised for art enthusiasts. 

YSD’s contribution to, and involvement in the 7th JB Arts Festival 2010 generated considerable nationwide awareness of the festival’s rich and diverse programme and highlighted the YSD’s national standing as a supporter of the arts and cultures development.


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