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Be protected and recognisable, register your Charity Homes under Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM)

Hundreds of Charitable Homes and Organisations out there need our help. Some of them have been registered under Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat (JKM) but sadly, most of them are not. These homes may not know the importance of being registered with JKM. Some advantages upon registering with JKM are:

ü  Homes will be protected by JKM if any offenses are filed

ü  Occupants will know that they are safe staying in that home  
         (location equipped with necessary devices such as fire extinguisher,
         sufficient activity space etc)

ü  Care takers are proven healthy by the Ministry of Health

ü  Care takers comprise of people who understand what the
         occupants needs

ü  Menus set according to standard by the Ministry of Health

ü  Activities planned according to regulation as approved by JKM

Through the ground work that Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) has done, it was found that these Charity Homes may not be aware about the process of registering their Homes with JKM. In view of this, YSD is doing our part in helping to publicise the process flow so that we could assist and promote them to do so.

The process flow is shown in the diagram below:

Explanation of Process Flow Diagram



  • Owner must have a safely equipped premise to be made a home

Collection of Form A

  • Form A can be collected from any local authority department eg: DBKL, Majlis Perbandaran
  • Form A comes with a checklist to help applicant with the registration process


  • WIth CCM for home name


  • Concurrently, the premises need to pass inspections from:
    • Fire and Rescue Department
    • Ministry of Health


  • Form A to be submitted back to nearest local regional authorities complete with all items required from the checklist provided earlier 


  • Regional local authority such as JKM will come and audit the premise to ensure total compliant

Failed application

  • If application failed after auditing, applicant need to get clarification on the failing factors and start the process again from Inspection.

Success application

  • Application will be forwarded to Ketua Pengarah JKM for approval


  • Premise can start enjoying benefits JKM and other charitable organisations are offering.
  • Approval process duration : 4-6 weeks

Please visit JKM website for further information.

Step forward and do your bit to support them.

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